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Looking for a way to protect your wealth? A trust may be the answer you’re looking for. We establish family and business trusts to secure your financial future and that of future generations.


We are experts at what we do. As an independent professional trustee, we offer impartiality and professionalism to ensure the smooth management of your trust.


We can assist you to put a plan in place now to best protect you and your loved ones now and into the future.


Need more spare time to do the things you enjoy? Talk to us about our living services where we can manage your day to day financial affairs on your behalf.

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Welcome to Comac Trustees

Comac Trustees was established in May 2009 and is a boutique company providing trust, estate and asset planning solutions for private clients. Comac Trustees is independently owned and is not associated with any organisations that influence its advice or the recommendations it makes to its clients.

Comac Trustees recognises that there is no single approach to tailoring solutions for its clients. The Company is dedicated to customising each individual client's objectives, aspirations and goals in accordance with their personal circumstances.

We pride ourselves on making your life simpler. We can manage your assets on your behalf or provide you with the education and information you need to make and execute your own decisions, whether they be in relation to your investment portfolio, managing your trust or structuring your asset and estate planning.

We offer in excess of 50 years' experience in the estate planning and trustee services industry and are well-equipped to manage your affairs, either alongside you, or by taking control of your affairs so that you can spend your time doing the things you enjoy.

We are here to help you protect your wealth - now and into the future.