We offer our clients continuity, impartiality, professionalism, integrity and expertise to ensure your affairs are hassle free and being managed effectively and efficiently.

As an independent trustee, we offer impartiality and independence when managing your trust. It is a reality that there will, on occasion, be decisions to be made which may upset or aggrieve family members. With the appointment of an independent trustee, this removes you from the stress of making these decisions.

Governance and compliance in relation to the management of your Trust are crucial to ensure that your Trust meets the objectives that you intended it for. Comac Trustees will keep proper records for your Trust and ensure that your trust is compliant with relevant legislation at all times.

In addition to the day to day management of your Trust, Comac Trustees will attend to or facilitate payment of all accounts, preparation of annual account and tax returns, preparation of relevant resolutions where necessary. We will maintain regular contact with you and the beneficiaries of the Trust and regularly review your trust to ensure it is fulfilling the purposes for which it was established.